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Clients Say It Best

Real People
With Real Families
Who Need Real Help

"He looks after my family, and to me that is worth more than anything in the world. Knowing I have somebody that I don’t feel like just a number. I feel like family with him."

- Tommy Johnson
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Real People
With Real Families
Who Need Real Help

"Nic had drawn up three plans, these weren't cookie cutter plans, these weren't the same plans that everybody gets, and you just stamp it out and sign your name. These plans were thought through."

- Trey Songer
"I met Nic over 10 years ago when I was looking for someone, not just some company, to manage my investments and retirement portfolio. Since that time he has done a fantastic job not only significantly increasing the value of my assets but handling all the work involved with moving assets around to enhance financial opportunities. I trusted him enough to recommend him to my Mom and to my husband. He goes out of his way, literally, to provide the face to face contact between himself and his clients that distinguishes him from the mega investment firms. He returns calls promptly, will text you virtually anytime of any day and will meet with you personally regardless of how far he has to travel. I can’t imagine what a mess my finances would be in without his guidance, patience and genuine concern for me and my family."
- Amy Gilbert -
"I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Nic McLeod through my father.  Nic managed a large percentage of my parent’s money for 10+years.  My father was particularly picky, very careful and dutiful in reviewing Nic’s recommendations.  He was very happy with Nic’s recommendations as were my wife and I.  So, we sat down with Nic to see what he would recommend for us as we looked down the road towards retirement in10+ years.  Nic helped us build a solid plan for our financial future that provides growth and safety from what may occur across numerous market conditions.  We both feel that Nic cares genuinely about doing what is right for us and our future.  We have recommended him to family members as well as good friends, which is something that we only do if someone has truly earned our trust."
- Scott and Kim Marsh -
Clients since 2017
“Nic McLeod has managed my retirement accounts since 2011.  He is an awesome trustworthy man! Knowing I can enjoy my retirement and that his best interest is insuring my funds are secured within accounts that cannot be affected by this looming financial storm is a blessing. Regardless of the economic aftermath that is happening in our country, I feel at home with Nic. Safety and security is key”
- Debbie Quillin -
Client Since 2011
“I can truly say that Nic McLeod looks out for the best interest of his clients.  Even when it does not benefit himself monetarily. He continues to apply himself genuinely and passionately towards a safe and prosperous future!”
- Thelma Ramsey -
When I first met Nic, he was all the things one would expect from an investment advisor... Professional, extremely knowledgeable, courteous. I also found him to be very personable, authentic, down-to-earth. Within a few minutes we discovered that he has a close friend who is also a close friend of mine; and since I knew that person’s standards and character, I felt Nic must surely measure up as well... and he certainly hasn’t disappointed. He’s continuously aware of current, pertinent information and has responded quickly to any call or text. Thanks to Nic, it’s been a relief to have confidence that my financial plan is on the right track.
- Shelia Keene -
"He looks after my family, and to me that is worth more than anything in the worth more than anything in the world. Knowing I have somebody that I don't feel like just a number. I feel like family with him."

- Tommy Johnson-
“Nic McLeod is such a genuine, authentic person! Such a breath of fresh air working with a gentleman in the finance world that cares about me and my finances. Not just a sales guy trying to make money off of me, but wants to see my family financially healthy so I don’t have to stress about it.”

- Anonymous -

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  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Volatility Protection Strategies
  • Optimizing Investment Strategy
  • Maximizing Social Security
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Nic McLeod


In 2005, Nic decided to launch his own firm and has now helped nearly 1000 families spread across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial wellbeing. Nic’s client base is diverse in both their professional backgrounds & financial needs. Nic has been actively serving his clients for nearly 20 years and proudly owns a record free of any consumer complaints. This is a direct result of the core values at McLeod Consulting.
Image of Shayda McLeod

Shayda McLeod

Chief Operating Officer

Shayda has been an integral component to the growth, success and daily upkeep for NJM Consulting as well as parent company McLeod Consulting Group since 2009. Among her contributions to the company she has captained the marketing team, personalized interactions within our client base & helped oversee the launch of NJM into the national stage & virtual arena. In addition to executing her professional role as COO, Shayda is a proud wife & mom of two. She enjoys spending her time with her family on the tennis court and cooking delicious dishes for them.
Image of Leslie Husarenko

Leslie Husarenko

New Business Specialist

Leslie Husarenko has extensive experience working in the financial industry for the past 25 years assisting top producers with client services. She has tremendous experience with Life products and is a registered insurance agent. She is known for her friendliness and knowledge assisting new clients with our onboarding process, she makes it her mission to address and solve customer's questions efficiently.

Leslie is a proud mom of three and has six loving grandchildren, on weekends you will find Leslie cruising around on her boat enjoying the island life.
Image of George Bain

George Bain

Mortgage and Creative Financing Expert

George Bain is a 30 year veteran of the mortgage industry. During his career Mr. Bain has both owned and managed mortgage companies and is familiar with all aspects of mortgage origination. Since 2017 Mr. Bain’s main focus has been in the specialty of reverse mortgage planning. Mr. Bain is a respected guest speaker and has guided many clients through the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage. Mr. Bain often consults with attorneys and financial planners to assist them in planning comprehensive financial and tax saving strategies.

Photo of Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez

Case design Advisor

Lisa has been in the industry for over 18 years.  As a Business Development Advisors she helps advisors keep up with the changing market of annuity, life and asset-based LTC products and bring a wealth of product and case design concepts. She compares the many features and parts of each available product options, rates and riders in order to determine which vehicle is the best fit for the advisors clients.

James Jurica Image

James Jurica


James has worked in the financial services industry his entire professional career starting right out of college. He has a passion for working with clients and helping them achieve their long term financial goals. His main area of focus is on the investment management side of financial planning. James has a focus on risk management and wants to ensure that during the investment process, the focus stays on reducing risk and volatility in clients portfolios while still achieving the returns needed to accomplish the objective of the client. James has achieved the Certified Financial Planner CFP®, less than 10% of all financial advisors are CFP® and this advanced training and education allows James to provide the highest quality service and value to clients. He has also achieved the Chartered Financial Consultant CHFC®, Chartered Life Underwriter CLU®, and Retirement Income Certified Professional RICP®. These designations have given James more training and insight on a wide variety financial planning areas. James is married to his wonderful wife Abbey and they have a 1 year old son together and enjoy spending time at the lake together.

Advisory services offered by Wealth Watch Advisors, LLC. Wealth Watch is an independent advisory service and not affiliated with NJM Wealth Preservation Strategies nor any of it's affiliates. The company, and its investment adviser representatives, may not accept orders to affect purchase or sale transactions, accept funds, securities, or similar instructions via email or voicemail.

Image of Peter Gerdes

Peter Gerdes

Creative Designer

Peter has loved art since as far back as his memories go - and has been drawing his world for about the same. But when he was asked to design his first logo when he was 15, he knew that he had found his calling.  Passion is knowing that what you do makes a difference.  Peter takes ideas from his clients, and turns them into designs, and then develop those designs into forms that rock our world.


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About Nic

Nicolas (Nic) J. McLeod is a man of determination and competitive grit.  Whether in the gym, on the tennis court with his wife or at home teaching his children a new chord on the guitar,  Nic brings a high level of intensity and passion to the forefront.

Nic is a second-generation Wealth Preservation Specialist. He was fortunate to grow up having witnessed his father act as a trailblazer in an industry we refer to today as Wealth Preservation. This impacted him at an early age and it has now been over forty years since his father first started his practice in 1982. In 2005, Nic decided to launch his own firm and has now helped nearly 1000 families spread across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial wellbeing. Nic’s client base is diverse in both their professional backgrounds & financial needs. Nic has been actively serving his clients for nearly 20 years and proudly owns a record free of any consumer complaints. This is a direct result of the core values at McLeod Consulting.

“As fiduciaries, our job is to foster a relationship of trust, both legally and ethically. This is what drives us, so that our client and his or her best interests are always first. We then take it to the next level and employ full transparency for both our clients and the multitudes of financial institutions we work with. Many of our clients have become like family and we could not be more thankful for them.”

"We look forward to inviting you to experience how our team can help you successfully navigate the years leading up to your retirement. Our team will equip you with a personal, thorough & exclusive plan that is actively managed to ensure you continue to prosper throughout your retirement years."

Image of Nic McLeod

Nic’s relationship with God and his family are the driving force of his core. Nic’s best friend is his lovely wife Shayda. They have two wonderful young children together, ages 7 and 11. Following in their father’s footsteps, they are both academically and athletically gifted. Nic is a proud leader in his home and enjoys every opportunity to teach his children anything from playing a new chord on their own guitars to the mechanics of throwing a perfect spiral in the backyard. While Nic & Shayda spend weekdays working hard to ensure their clients remain financially secure, the family spends weekends enjoying their beautiful natural surroundings in Northwest Arkansas & of course cheering on the Hogs!

Among his many accomplishments, Nic is a classically trained musician and gifted athlete. As a musician, Nic was met with quick success on local and national radio and often performed at sold-out shows in the largest and most well-known regional and national venues throughout the United States. He studied at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, majoring in Lead Guitar Theory and single string improv. Music continues to be a major component in Nic’s life and one he enjoys sharing with his family. Downtime is often spent composing new songs as well as improving classics for his family and personal enjoyment.

As an athlete, Nic was a highly touted D1 football prospect throughout his high school years with collegiate aspirations cut short due to a severe arch injury. He turned his recovery time into yet another venture and entered into the world of bodybuilding as a top contender. He then sought to inspire and educate other athletes by consulting for the University of Arkansas strength coaches making lifelong friends in the process. Using his extensive experience in sports and life, Nic also enjoyed helping troubled adolescents and under-privileged youth in his community as a “Big Brother” at the local Boys & Girls Club which he fondly lists as one of his top passions.

Whether recreationally volunteering in his community or professionally helping his clients secure and preserve their wealth, Nic’s sincerity and passion for betterment is indisputable.

“I believe in daily goals and mine is to be a humble servant. This is what gives me my moral compass. Our relationships and our health must be prioritized and I am committed to helping create financial success for all of my clients so they can have and spend their free time on the things that matter most to them.”

Image of Nic and Shayda McLeod

"Commit your works to the Lord, And your plans will be established."

- Proverbs 16:3 -

Proud Supporter

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001.

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Tunnel to Towers Foundation

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a non-profit organization that honors the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001.

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